Douglas Rowell

FunnelBrain, LLC. announced education, entertainment and marketing veteran, Douglas Rowell, will be joining FunnelBrain’s advisory board. Rowell will advise on strategic relationships and growth opportunities for FunnelBrain’s social learning network into the entertainment, lifestyle and sports verticals.

Rowell currently serves as Chief Creative Officer and Executive Managing Partner for Mediatavern where he oversees innovative creative initiatives across the entire portfolio of company clients including Advertising Week, CamelBak, Chivas USA, Fox Television, Nintendo of America, Thomson Reuters, Panasonic, ShareThis, UnitedHealth Group and Yahoo! plus original properties including the expansion of Mediatavern franchises for broadcast, online, mobile and content development.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work with FunnelBrain and bring innovative educational programs that promote social learning and student collaboration,” said Douglas Rowell, Mediatavern’s CCO.

For Rowell, effective collaborative storytelling with a focus on education and social awareness is among his favorite professional endeavors. An accomplished creative strategist and producer, Rowell has develop several award winning campaigns, properties and initiatives in the Advertising and Entertainment industries. He is also the Director and Executive Producer of Joel Harper’s beloved Children’s book, turned animated original series, “All the Way to the Ocean”. Rowell is a regular keynote speaker at The Advertising Club and Advertising Week. He also participates as a judge for industry recognized programs including the Addy Awards and serves as an advisor to several international education focused organizations including Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México [ UNAM ].

“We remain focused on providing users with collaborative learning products that help students of all ages learn more effectively,” said Joe DeTuno, FunnelBrain CEO. “We are excited to have Doug’s proven experience driving strategic relationships between brands, entertainment properties and education platforms on FunnelBrain’s advisory team.”

About Mediatavern LLC
Mediatavern ( is a full-service digital agency and animation studio that develops and produces innovative strategically-driven content for current and emerging new media platforms. The Agency is uniquely positioned between the sensibilities and storytelling of traditional media and the exciting flexibility of the new media landscape. This intimate and thriving company is home to an exceptional team of analytic, creative, digitally savvy storytellers and artists committed to doing work driven by passion, bleeding edge innovation and results.

About All the Way to the Ocean
The long awaited development of Joel Harper’s children’s book: “All the Way to the Ocean” ( is happening! Follow the progress as a wonderful and timely children’s book is turned into a truly powerful film. All the Way to the Ocean is an uplifting story about two best friends, Isaac and James, and their discovery of the cause and effect relationship between our cities’ storm drains and the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. It is sure to inspire both young and adult readers alike and teach a timeless life lesson-If we all do our part, a cleaner, safer environment is indeed within our reach.

Holiday Quiz

‘Tis the season to quiz yourself on holiday trivia! See how much your know about Christmas and the holiday season.

Good Luck!

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Understanding The Amercian Debt

Today it seems everyone is talking about The American Debt.

Politicians, analysts, TV and radio commentators and surprisingly people just like you and me. People whose economic discussions used to center around how much interest they were paying on their credit cards or the interest rate no their homes – are suddenly acquiring as much information as they can get, not just about their personal economy but about the nation’s economy. Problem is most of us are starting out with a handicap. If we haven’t taken economics in school, there’s a lot being discussed that we may not understand.

That’s why FunnelBrain put together a  fast and informative 10 question Quiz about The American Debt to help us all understand what those politicians, analysts and commentators are talking about. And more importantly, in order to form our own opinions.

So before you join the conversation on The Debt, take FunnelBrain’s American Debt Quiz now!

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Keeping Us Safe Since 911

The ten year anniversary of 911 has been marked and the heroes of that day and all the days since have been honored. The cost of human life lost on that day and since the War on Terror began is incalculable. But have you any idea what the financial costs of keeping our country safe for the last 10 years really adds up to?

To find out Newsweek had Ian Yarett and Clark Merrefeld do the math.

Then FunnelBrain turned that information into a short, interesting quiz that you can share with friends by embedding it in any of your other favorite social networking sites.

After 10 years, the nation that will  never forget our heroes, is also ready to celebrate our resiliency.

Little did the forces that attacked us on 9/11 realize that a single day could galvanize a nation and bring it together to show the indomitable spirit of patriotism and resolve that has always made America great.

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Online Quizzes Produce Quality Consumers

Funnelbrain, LLC works with thousands of companies, schools, and non-profits to deliver high quality leads.  You may be thinking…’Funnelbrain is a social learning platform, why are they delivering leads?’ and the response is simple; educated consumers are quality consumers.  And Funnelbrain can produce a lot of quality consumers.

So which tool do we use? It’s simple; we set up online quizzes mapped to a specific program, product, or service.  In order for the consumer to become a lead, they must first take, and more importantly, pass a quiz.  So why is this consumer of higher quality?  A couple reasons:  1) Clearly, the more time a consumer spends filling out a lead form, the higher propensity the lead has to convert as the consumer has shown a higher interest rate.  2) By spending time on the quiz, the consumer has also now ‘bought in’.  They have committed time to engaging in your brand and are therefore more likely to convert.  3) Over the long term, the consumer will remember your product, service, or process.  While they may not convert TODAY, the consumer has a much higher likelihood of coming back to YOU versus a random banner ad they’ve seen.  While you are only PAYING for leads you receive today, you have actively engaged in a branding campaign at no cost.

Take one of our lead gen quizzes; interested in your thoughts


New and Improved Embed Study Widget

Today, FunnelBrain LLC, the leader in online group learning, launched a retooled Flashcard and Quiz Study Widget with dramatically improved usability and functionality to help active learners collaborate on and off the FunnelBrain website.

FunnelBrain’s Study Widget gives learners on FunnelBrain the benefit of hosting review materials in the form of flashcards and quizzes anywhere on the web. Learners can now use FunnelBrain’s user generated content tools to create multi-media flashcards and quizzes and embed those materials on any website, blog or social networking site including Facebook.

Review materials on the new FunnelBrain Study Widget are presented in an easy to use flashcard or quiz player that is available for any content created and hosted on FunnelBrain’s website. Learners simply click the embed link and copy the embed code to add the Study Widget to their website, blog or social network. The Study Widget can display materials created with text or images using FunnelBrain’s user generated content tools. Quizzes have the added benefit of displaying analytic information including community stats and the quiz leaderboard.

You can check out a couple examples below…

Embedded Quiz about the Environment

Embedded Flashcards about United States Presidents

FunnelBrain Launches Improved Academic Q&A Search Engine

Today, FunnelBrain LLC, the leader in online group learning, launched a redesigned FunnelBrain search experience backed by new technology that combines multiple search capabilities into an integrated and seamless search result to help active learners find review materials faster and connect with other online learners.

Powered by a new platform built with proprietary technology and FunnelBrain’s user generated education content database, FunnelBrain search results are now easier to navigate while providing access to learning materials from thousands of students, teachers and publishers.

“A primary objective for the redesign was to create a search experience that connects learners to study materials created by other learners, “ said Joe DeTuno, FunnelBrain CEO. “Today’s launch solidifies our position as the trusted collaborative learning source for todays active learners.”

Study materials on the new FunnelBrain search page now presents information so learners can better scan, evaluate and identify flashcards, quizzes, people and study groups of interest. As part of the redesign, the search results now provide a categorized at-a-glance summary of each flashcard deck, quiz and study group that better displays the title, number of questions, rating, tags and more. The new design also provides dynamic search options that support filtering and sorting the result set to make the learning materials even easier to find.

We invite you to visit and see the power of collaborative learning first hand. Browse through thousands of flashcard decks, quizzes and study teams. Test your knowledge on popular subjects you find and then challenge your friends!

KaBOOM! – Social Learning Quiz Game

KaBoom is a new social learning game that’s created when teachers, students and users build a custom quiz on FunnelBrain or choose from thousands of existing quizzes. Your challenge, accumulate enough points to escape and arrive safely to the next level without a…KaBOOM! The game allows you to practice timed quizzes while promoting comparative and collaborative learning. Students can share scores and challenge friends while mastering the subject matter.

You have 60 seconds to answer each question by feeding answers into FunnelBot, a robot with unlimited learning potential. Answer wrong and your lives are transformed into the dreaded dunce caps. If you don’t know the answer or run out of time…KaBOOM! and game over.

KaBOOM! is designed to be challenging for audiences of all ages – because its social in nature and supports virtually any question/answer content you can create. Test your smarts against FunnelBot on everything from the GMAT to important facts surrounding the world’s current events.

Here’s your chance to give KaBOOM! a try: Test your knowledge on important facts about the Japanese nuclear power reactors now in danger. Click here and select “Play KaBOOM! on the next page or click the game below.

Fast Forward Career Zone

Welcome to FunnelBrain’s Monthly Highlight’s

A series of monthly updates specifically designed to connect you with the most highly rated learning resources on FunnelBrain. So whether you dream of a new career, a new degree or passing your AP Biology Exam, our quizzes, flashcards and study teams will help you to succeed.

Further Your Career and Secure Your Future
Considering a career change or college degree? This month’s top degree quizzes allow you to quickly determine whether you are ready to take the next step.

Criminal Justice Degree
Business Degree
Education Degree
Computer Science Degree
Project Management Degree
Graphic Design Degree

FunnelBrain Launches New Online Academic Quizzes

Highlights Include the Ability to Compare and Challenge Friends

Today we launched a new user generated quiz engine for FunnelBrain’s online learning community. FunnelBrain Online Quizzes help learners of all ages work together to improve test scores and academic performance. The quiz platform, available free of charge on FunnelBrain, provides access to the thousands of existing quizzes or allows you to create your own.

The new quiz brings social gaming concepts to the learning process with  real time leader boards, instant score analysis, and the ability to share quiz challenges with friends across the social graph and compare your results against various data points including your location.

“We are dedicated to providing users with collaborative products that help students of all ages learn more effectively, ” said Joe DeTuno, FunnelBrain CEO.  “We know working together is more fun and helps people learn more effectively. Our new collaborative “game-based” quiz experience will enable students and teachers to learn and have fun in the process.”

FunnelBrain’s new quiz engine provides another level of interaction between test takers. With the highly anticipated new challenge feature, FunnelBrain users can create a quiz, post their results, challenge their classmates and instantly compare how they rank against their peers.

Today we’re introducing several new features:

  • Quiz Page – Designed to test your knowledge of any subject area with easy to use features including multiple choice questions, photos, and study stats.
  • Quiz Results – Provides you with a detailed view of your results compared against other test takers and data comparison points.
  • Leader Board – See where you stack up compared to all others. View your ranking and that of your peers or just the community
  • Detailed Results: See exactly what questions you missed and view the correct answer.
  • Contrast and Compare: Want to see how you did compared to other people in your state or with the same level of education. FunnelBrain will allow you to compare your score on several additional data points including where you live, your level of education and even the your graduation year.

The improvements to FunnelBrain Online Quizzes are just the beginning of our continual efforts to provide enhanced study tools for today’s active learners.

We invite you to visit and see the power of collaborative learning first hand.   To view a list of existing quizzes click here or to create your own, visit