FunnelBrain Launches New Online Academic Quizzes

Highlights Include the Ability to Compare and Challenge Friends

Today we launched a new user generated quiz engine for FunnelBrain’s online learning community. FunnelBrain Online Quizzes help learners of all ages work together to improve test scores and academic performance. The quiz platform, available free of charge on FunnelBrain, provides access to the thousands of existing quizzes or allows you to create your own.

The new quiz brings social gaming concepts to the learning process with  real time leader boards, instant score analysis, and the ability to share quiz challenges with friends across the social graph and compare your results against various data points including your location.

“We are dedicated to providing users with collaborative products that help students of all ages learn more effectively, ” said Joe DeTuno, FunnelBrain CEO.  “We know working together is more fun and helps people learn more effectively. Our new collaborative “game-based” quiz experience will enable students and teachers to learn and have fun in the process.”

FunnelBrain’s new quiz engine provides another level of interaction between test takers. With the highly anticipated new challenge feature, FunnelBrain users can create a quiz, post their results, challenge their classmates and instantly compare how they rank against their peers.

Today we’re introducing several new features:

  • Quiz Page – Designed to test your knowledge of any subject area with easy to use features including multiple choice questions, photos, and study stats.
  • Quiz Results – Provides you with a detailed view of your results compared against other test takers and data comparison points.
  • Leader Board – See where you stack up compared to all others. View your ranking and that of your peers or just the community
  • Detailed Results: See exactly what questions you missed and view the correct answer.
  • Contrast and Compare: Want to see how you did compared to other people in your state or with the same level of education. FunnelBrain will allow you to compare your score on several additional data points including where you live, your level of education and even the your graduation year.

The improvements to FunnelBrain Online Quizzes are just the beginning of our continual efforts to provide enhanced study tools for today’s active learners.

We invite you to visit and see the power of collaborative learning first hand.   To view a list of existing quizzes click here or to create your own, visit

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