KaBOOM! – Social Learning Quiz Game

KaBoom is a new social learning game that’s created when teachers, students and users build a custom quiz on FunnelBrain or choose from thousands of existing quizzes. Your challenge, accumulate enough points to escape and arrive safely to the next level without a…KaBOOM! The game allows you to practice timed quizzes while promoting comparative and collaborative learning. Students can share scores and challenge friends while mastering the subject matter.

You have 60 seconds to answer each question by feeding answers into FunnelBot, a robot with unlimited learning potential. Answer wrong and your lives are transformed into the dreaded dunce caps. If you don’t know the answer or run out of time…KaBOOM! and game over.

KaBOOM! is designed to be challenging for audiences of all ages – because its social in nature and supports virtually any question/answer content you can create. Test your smarts against FunnelBot on everything from the GMAT to important facts surrounding the world’s current events.

Here’s your chance to give KaBOOM! a try: Test your knowledge on important facts about the Japanese nuclear power reactors now in danger. Click here and select “Play KaBOOM! on the next page or click the game below.

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